The PenSmith LLC

Specializing in handcrafted writing instruments. Exotic woods, unique acrylics, exquisite styles and more. Fountain Pens, Rollerballs, Ballpoints, made to order and available within a few working days. For “special orders,” using your choice of style and materials, contact us for pricing, material choices, pen type and style.

Shipping is FREE for all purchases!

Why Choose Us?

The PenSmith has always had a passion for handwriting and restoring the pleasure of handwriting has been our 30 year goal. Our mission is to provide you with an elegant instrument, handmade,  which will increase your desire to pursue and perfect your handwriting. Each pen is a “collectible” work of art. As gifts, they will be treasured and enjoyed throughout the years of ownership. 

If you find a pen style (Grande, Sierra, Victorian, etc) or material (exotic woods, true-stone, acrylic, etc), that you would like, please message us for a quote, we love new challenges.

About Us

James W. Smith

The PenSmith

Having endeavored to perfect the craft of handmade writing instruments, for the past 30+ years, I am constantly finding new ways to express my pen craftsmanship. All my creations are guaranteed for the life of the original purchaser, or replaced with an instrument of equal value. Join us and once again find the joy and pleasure of writing.